Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aidan and Jen's wedding

Two weeks ago my brother Aidan was married to the lovely Jen!

My parents now have an "empty nest", with all four of their children married.

It is a great blessing that my mother, a devout Christian, has been able to see all of her children married in Christian ceremonies. What a joy in this generation of "shacking up" together! Mum prayed a very heartfelt prayer during the wedding ceremony, and this was one of the most touching parts of the day. Her faithfulness has left a legacy of faith, and her prayers will continue to be effective as she brings her children before God regularly.


  1. Hi Sherrin,

    Just a little note to say hi and to agree about what an awesome celebration the wedding was!

    It was great to see you also :) You have some great stuff to share here, keep blogging :)


  2. Hello Bridget,

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! It is encouraging to hear from you.

    Aidan and Jen have just arrived back from their honeymoon - they had a great time!