Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday at the Drews

Sunday at the Drew Patch has been happy and relaxing for the most part!

Elnathan had a ride on his Daddy's shoulders. 

Dave enjoyed one of his favourite activities, which is to water and observe the garden.


On the 20th of last month, the corn was tiny in comparison to what it is now . . .

After observing the growth in the corn, Elnathan turned his mind and hands to other matters . . . 

He has become quite the mango fan, and can suck a lot of fruit through his mesh feeder.

He can also hold his own cup! All these things seem remarkable to his parents as it seems like only a short while ago that he couldn't even hold his head steady!

This must be one of the happiest seasons of our lives, as we enjoy the smiles of our little person.

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  1. Oh SHerrin: enjoy every precious smile...he is just he about 8 months now? i have lost track...ages 8-24 months are some of my favorite stages in a baby!! actually there are just so many good things and wonderful developments at all the stages! I am currently enjoying teaching my oldest who is 16 some of the more "mundane" (to her) things of running a home... sigh...I fear many of our USA teens are quite spoiled compared to harder times.....she is doing a good job we are working on doing it as tho "unto the Lord" with OUT the grumpy are tough but I still love the development I see.