Monday, January 11, 2010

Salmon Ponds at Plenty

During Dave's recent leave from work we enjoyed a day trip to the Salmon Ponds near the small town of Plenty. I just love the name Plenty for a town!

Most of the beautiful ponds were actually stocked with trout. It was fun to watch them swim. The albino rainbow trout were particularly striking. A museum on site explains the history of raising trout in Tasmania. The first successful shipment of eggs arrived in 1864.

It was fun to take photos on self timer.

The ponds are surrounded with beautiful old trees of many types. Dave loves trees, so this feature was an unexpected highlight of our visit!

The restaurant sells delicious savoury and sweet pancakes. We enjoyed lunch, then a stroll, then sweet pancakes for dessert. The Salmon Ponds is definitely worth another visit, perhaps when the trees are changing colour.


  1. I rescued a toddler that fell in one day while his parents had a BBQ and lost sight of him! Keep watch with water!!

  2. Beautiful pictures...looks like a lovely visit!

  3. can we come with you in Autumn? well maybe you'll be too busy coming to the Bream Creek show with us in March and then to our place only 5minutes away for tea or something!! Yvonne