Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Decorating the tree

Dave loves decorating Christmas trees! He has many fond memories of growing up years when the whole family would join in the fun.

This was a pleasant break in the midst of the hard slog of PhD completion and wondering about the future. We are currently wondering how to manage a move to Melbourne for a couple of months in the new year, which is necessary due to Dave's PhD.

A bit of light fun in the midst of lots of work . . . and a fun memory of our first tree as a married couple!


  1. I think decorating a Christmas tree together is so romantic! I remember fondly, my husband and I decorating our tiny artificial tree in our little we are in a house, 2 daughters, real tree for 13 years except...this year we decided to buy an artificial one...many reasons, mainly to save money in the long run! Enjoy the start of the Christmas season! we have a dusting of snow here in NYS!

  2. Sherrin ~ how very special to see your first tree! In fact, it seems a little bit taller than our first one! I have pictures, too, and it's a special remembrance to look back on our first year in that tiny apartment. At least Dave didn't have to get frustrated with untangling a bunch of lights! LOL!

  3. Hi Sherrin!

    It's great that you can do something relaxing in the midst of a difficult time. I'm praying for you both as you ponder the future.


  4. Hi Faith, thanks for sharing your tree-decorating story!

    Hi Deb, thanks for dropping by! We do actually have lights, but they flash and I didn't catch them in the pictures! Dave had a bit of trouble getting them to work initially, but they were soon OK. I bought them especially because Dave likes to have lights on a tree.

    Hi Shiloh, thanks for your prayers. Talk to you soon!