Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"The Excellent Wife" is a wonderful source of advice

In light of my post about giving and receiving advice I’d like to once again recommend Martha Peace’s The Excellent Wife as a wonderful resource which is packed full of biblical advice. I would happily recommend this book to any woman preparing for marriage. Martha continually draws her readers to the word of God. Reading The Excellent Wife is one way to become equipped to pass on truly wise advice, when asked. It covers everything from homemaking to submission, speech to bitterness – all with a thorough biblical basis. It is easy to compare Martha’s advice to God’s advice, because she continually refers to the Bible. This means that readers can assess the basis for her comments. I am still working through the study guide, and I find it a great way to learn to love my husband better. Applying the word of God with the help of the Holy Spirit is the only way to effectively address the sins and problems I sometimes encounter as a new wife.


  1. Hello Sherrin!
    I wanted to stop by and wish you and Dave a Blessed New Year!

    I have read the book that you are recommending and I think that Martha Peace has done a fine job of bringing many scriptures together concerning being a biblical woman.

    If I could add...
    Use this book as a foundation but be careful not to become legalistic in its practice.

    I found that I was doing this as I tried to walk it out. I found myself becoming resentful and irritable toward my family because I was exhausted from trying to do it all.

    While I was praying about my frustrations concerning how I was feeling, it was impressed on me that "I need to be what my husband needs me to be" no more and no less.

    May I also recommend, Carolyn Mahaney has a series of Mp3's about being a Titus 2 woman. These make a fine complement to "The Excellent Wife".

    Blessings to You!

  2. Good point, Karen! This is a point that is made very well in the book "Passionate Housewives". We are to be our husband's helpers, not develop our own to-do lists which become unhelpful burdens!

    I am surprised that applying The Excellent Wife left you feeling frustrated and exhausted, because it focuses more on attitudes than than to-do lists. Thanks for reminding me that any book, no matter how biblical, can be applied in a way that is unhelpful.

    I find that Elizabeth George's books are more likely to lead to feeling burdened. They tend to focus on specifics of what you should be doing rather than general principles for living.

    New Year blessings to you also!