Saturday, May 10, 2008

In April, Noel Piper write about what she learnt about caring for the environment from a trip to Kenya. The article, "Behold , It was Very Good." But Now? , details some of the environmental problems in Kenya and a possible Christian response to them.

It is very encouraging to hear of the work Christians are doing in Kenya:

Care of Creation is introducing “Farming God’s Way.” Model farms demonstrate the increased yields through sustainably replenishing the soil and retaining moisture. Over time, the method requires less strenuous hand-tilling than the usual farming method.

But what makes this a Christian mission and ministry? The practical help and methods could be demonstrated by anyone who cares about people.

The difference is that Care of Creation’s first priority is God. Then, like God, they care for people by making God and his ways more clear. This truth was the foundation of two daylong workshops presented by Craig Sorley and his coworker Francis Maina. One focused on farming. The other, for community and church leaders, focused on the problems of deforestation. During both, there was significant teaching from Scripture, looking at the earth through God’s eyes and seeking his purposes and desires for his handiwork.

As Christians we are in a unique position to understand the importance of caring for creation. Read Noel's article and find out more!

I am thankful to my friend Felicity for sending me the link to this article.

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