Friday, May 23, 2008

Spring on the other side of the world

It was fun today to read about Karen's raised beds and Stacy's garden inspiration. Spring is coming to a close over in the USA! It is great to see others' plans for making use of their space and enjoying fresh food.

Dave and I have our own dreams for spring in Australia. We are planning a whole new garden, with beds laid out in an attractive way and a potted lemon tree in the middle. The only part of the vision that exists so far is the lemon tree, which my Mum and Dad gave Dave for his birthday on the 14th. We bought a pot for it and planted the tree on the morning of the 15th, before we set out for Brisbane and Sydney for a week to see family, friends, and beautiful things! Dave is still away, on a working trip. He is in London right now, and will soon go onto Austria and then Germany. It is spring there as well!

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