Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evangelism as a homemaker

Thanks to Crystal, I came across this helpful article The Stay at Home Mom and Evangelism.
Those of us who are at home a lot may feel like we can't have regular contact with those who don't know Christ. In reality, though, there are many opportunities.

Sandra highlights a couple of ideas that I have experienced the value of:

Community clubs or organisations

Sandra is a member of a book club, which is excellent because the intention is to discuss ideas. However, most clubs offer some opportunities to share your life and values. Women love to talk, after all. If you are a scrapbooker or a quilter, and you regularly go along to a meeting where other enjoy the same thing, you will talk as you play and learn. I experienced this recently when I did a quilting class as I was able to share my faith a little. If it was a regular, ongoing, club there would be even more opportunties.


You may remember that a while ago I took cookies to a neighbour. We have now had contact with this neighbour on a couple of other occasions. She dropped over one evening when I was about to leave for church, and I was able to mention a little about our faith.

What about you? Have you had similar opportunities? Do you have other ideas?

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  1. Great articles! many more ideas.
    SAHM's can join their child's PTA (here in the states, or at least NYS, schools have Parent-Teacher Associations and the fee to join is like $5.00 per year). You can volunteer your time to your child's school events, and be a witness to the unsaved moms (or dads) you meet through the school groups. Pray for the staff, teachers and admin.
    Visit shelters and daycares during the day and "witness" by being the hands and feet of many more things!