Friday, September 12, 2008

Minding my own business

When I first read about Mrs Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential pick, I said "what does conservative mean anymore?". If conservative can mean a woman with a four month old running for a full time plus job then it can mean anything.

Less than a week later, I'm more amazed than ever. You see, a whole lot of pastor/theologian types whom I thought held entirely different ideas about family arrangements are trying as hard as they can to step around (or even justify) Palin's choices in order to fully endorse her.

Frankly, one either believes that God has called Christian women to fulfill their home and family responsibilities before pursuing other things or one doesn't. It is not like VP is a part time job that one can do after all else has been done. It is, rather, a job that would dominate any person's life.

I can understand, say, Right to Life wholeheartedly endorsing Palin. She is, after all, excellent according to their criterion and sphere of responsibility. However, a minister of the gospel is responsible to uphold the word of God consistently and apply it without prejudice to current events. What has been stated pre-Palin should still apply, surely?

As I've been contemplating these things, I've realised that I'd be better off minding my own business. It may be interesting to watch middle aged pastors attempt delicate double backflips over principles they've previously stood for, but it is hardly edifiying.

I'm not an American citizen, I'm not voting in these elections, and I'm not reliant on "conservative" pastors to form my views on women's roles. There are, after all, numerous Biblical passages I can turn to for unchanging principles that don't do backflips. So I'm going to try to stop following this controversy, and turn my mind to other things.


  1. Hi Sherrin ~ I agree with your post and enjoyed reading your thoughts. I, too, don't feel a need to get into the fray about it. The Christian women I know who support her are very sincere Christians and yet they work and don't have the mindset of a wife being a keeper at home. I'm thinking a lot of Christian men who support the ticket have wives who aren't at home, too.

  2. LOL! Sounds like a good plan! Wish I could do the same... The issue seems to be everywhere I turn in the blogosphere! But it's been good to see some who won't do the backflip, despite the laughter and criticism it brings.

  3. Good idea.
    Sometimes women do need to work outside the home and WANT to do what the Lord is calling them to do. It is different for every woman. Think Proverbs 31. I think as Christians we need to give each other grace. Some women can manage the home, work part or full time and raise their children. I have done all 3 ways (stayed home full time for infancy, went back to my full time teaching job when oldest was 1, stayed home when she turned 2 and stayed there until her baby sister was born, then went into part time (2 days a week) ministry when oldest started 1st grade and baby was 1. Now I work every day, part time (a.m.'s only) as special ed teacher assistant in their school district and LOVE it. Do you know why? Because I am doing what the Lord gifted me to do: teach and help the development of special needs Kindergartners. I use the skills I've learned as a mom, the skills God has blessed me with, the skills I learned from my Masters Degree and I even pray for my students! My husband totally supports me and actually encouraged me to go back. I am fortunate that I can work part time and still be home when my daughters get off their buses. the 3 hours I have alone gives me plenty of time to do housework, errands and serve in a prayer ministry.
    sorry this is so long.
    The Bible does call us women to take care of our house and children and be our husband's helpmate. Some of us can do that and work outside the home as well. As for Sarah Palin....I can't judge her as it is between her and God.
    Be thankful you don't have to vote in this's a tough one!
    God bless you.

  4. You'll love THIS, Sherrin.

    Voddie Baucham doesn't back down on Biblical issues!

    You may have to fastward a bit till you get to the interview.

  5. Very well said. Thanks for minding your own business out loud.

  6. Hi Deb, you are right that people's own choices would partly determine the way they see Palin. Those kind of people don't disappoint or worry me - it is pastors who apparently previously stood for something else.

    Hello Kara, I'm not doing a very good job of stopping my mind on this one - thus the blog post! So I can understand your struggle. I am thrilled with some people's more consistent response as well.

    Hi Faith, we probably differ somewhat on these points about a woman's calling. However, I do agree that every woman has a different capacity. Some things, though, are impossible - like caring for your baby yourself (even half days) and being VP. Sarah Palin is a public figure, and thus her actions are not private (between herself and God) they are actions the public must make decisions about. She is not the Mum down the street or across the pew. For the record I quite like Sarah - what I know of her. I just don't like all the equivocation by pastors on what is quite clear in terms of their prior statements :).

    Christine, I do love it! Voddie's the one. I vote for him.

    Hi Ginny - I guess minding my own business out loud may be a contradiction in terms :) . . . but I'm trying!

  7. Just a reminder (as explained above) that I don't publish any anonymous comments that do not at least contain the initials of the person who has commented. Thus the last comment has been rejected.

  8. Hi Sherrin,
    I agree with your thoughts and concerns...
    This is a hard election. We don't have many choices and anyone who is pro-life can't vote for Obama. He is blatantly determined to make sure that our nation has more blood-guilt than we already have.
    We certainly don't deserve the Lord's mercy, but we have been crying out for it. It may be that we will obtain mercy because of a woman that has a Mother's heart.
    Please pray for us.
    God's Richest Blessings to you,

  9. Hello Karen,

    Yes, it is hard. Obama is a nightmare from a pro-life perspective.

    I don't really know why people feel better about voting for McCain because of Palin though. She will have very limited power (from what I understand) and I have read that McCain does not have a good pro-life record. I guess many are hoping that Palin might be president after him . . . but to me, voting McCain is not voting pro-life. He is not as bad as Obama, but he is not good either!

    Anyway, I'd better stop rambling and think about something that is my business :). Politics interests me a lot!