Monday, November 3, 2008


One point in my TV post could do with clarification. I mentioned that I am horrified when I read about some types of sin. Please let me make it clear that I am horrified primarily because of what I believe these things do to people's lives. It is not like "ewwww, I can't believe anyone would do that, how can they be so bad". Rather, I am grieved that many people will base their lives upon what is glamourised and promoted as normal. They will miss out on the beauty of a godly marriage, amongst other things. The consequences of that, especially considered on a nation wide level, are truly horrifying. Surely this is a motive for evangelism? Jesus brings to people not only Himself and salvation from sin. He also brings the opportunity and the mandate to change your behaviour and beliefs to those that reflect His beauty. Beliefs and behaviour are the essence of culture, and I believe Jesus wants us to create new cultures in our homes and families.


  1. You might be interested to read this:


  2. Wow! That is very interesting. These kinds of effects are one of the main reasons I am concerned about encouraging young or weak Christians to watch junk TV. I have even seen one young woman who enjoyed these kinds of shows end up in sexual immorality and adultery. I should not have been so surprised, as her enjoyment of these things indicated something of where her heart was at.