Wednesday, November 5, 2008

John Newton's childhood tales

I have been reading John Newton, a biography by Jonathan Aitken. It is amazing to read of the many biblical passages and sections of catechisms that John's mother taught him before he was six years old.

I guess parents these days don't need to worry about inflicting such unnecessary work upon their offspring, because we have - wait for it - VeggieTales.

All sarcasm is intended.


  1. Oh, I hate Veggie Tales! But I've read another John Newton biography called 'Through Many Dangers'. That one is worth reading too.
    It's incredible what God has done in that man's life

  2. It is not that I think VeggieTales is bad, bad, bad - it just seems like so much less than we could be offering kids!

    I'll have to keep that biography in mind - for if I ever manage to complete this one! I've had it out from Crossroads since mid-year.

  3. Huurrrrgggghhh... Veggie Tales.

    I'm with you, Sherrin. I think VT is SO much less than we can teach kids -- and far too many parents just "outsource" their entire child-training responsibilities to those darn videos.