Monday, May 25, 2009

The cutest little man


  1. Awww... LOVE the cute cloth nappies! What kind did you end up with?

  2. He is wearing a BumGenius, our absolute favourite :). We just keep ordering more of them! They fit him well, don't leak, and dry reasonably quickly . . . idyllic really! Plus they will fit him till toilet training. Who cares that they cost $38 each !?!? We don't, anyway!

    We have some other types, some of which also work well, but these are the easiest and Dave loves them.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! I thought I'd search for your blog again today, to see if your little bundle had arrived. What a blessing!
    I had 2 little boys in December and can testify that little boys are really yummy!
    We use cloth nappies most of the time too,but we stick we the old fashioned terry towelling ones and pilchers. We got given some new lovely soft ones before the birth, so all the old ones from our daughters have become "chucky cloths"- they keep on keeping on!

    God bless you and Dave as you seek the Lord and train up your precious little arrow to His glory.
    Claire from Queensland.

  4. Thanks Claire!

    Wow - twin boys :). My sister has twin boys and they are wonderful!

    Good on you for going the old-fashioned way with the nappies, I'm sure it will save you a lot. For us, the old method was a bit too far from the convenience of disposables - this kind of provides a middle ground. We have to wash them, but they are easy to put on!

  5. He is sooo cute and yeah for you!
    Both of my girls were in organic cotton diapers until age 12 months...GOOD FOR YOU!