Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Homemaking Mishaps: Ironing boards

Since I am a new wife, there is much to laugh about in regard to homemaking mishaps. I am commited to loving home, and to being a homemaker as Titus 2 commands, but things don't always go perfectly.

John Dekker generously gave us an ironing board for our wedding present, even though he could not attend our wedding. We were thrilled to receive this surprise gift, as we really needed an ironing board! Learning how to use it, though, has been a troubled journey at times. You see, back home Mum's ironing board was always set up. She has a wonderful, large laundry. Thus there was no need to work out latches, height adjustments, sensible methods of collapsing the board, and other essential details. I, however, want to keep my ironing board in a cupboard. So I tackled the pedals and the notches. Things went OK for a while, but then I tried to lower it slightly while it was up. Lets just say that the iron ended up on the floor and the board on my foot. I have since discerned that greater care is needed. Five weeks on, I think I have finally conquered the ironing board.

Future installments of homemaking mishaps will include picture hanging, burnt offerings, and toilet cleaning. Some of it is embarassing, but it might be an encouragement to all the other wives who are still studying homemaking 101. Yes, other people are more inept than you are!


  1. hehe. depending on your closet, you can get ironing board holders that will hang your ironing board and allow you to put your iron on top... eh, not sure if that makes sense :-P. Depending on how thin the lining on the top of your ironing board is, it can be useful to put a towel between the board and the cover so that the board flexes more. Okay, I confess, once upon a time, I used to sell ironing boards :-P.

  2. Hehe. It's so fun to be learning the "new wife" ropes together :-).

    I have a good deal of homemaking experience, but it is a LOT different being solely responsible for it all. My most notable mishap so far was last week melting a rubber lid on a casserole dish. I had a blond moment and used it to cover the cooking casserole, since there was no foil in the apartment. At least the lasagna was still fine :-). The casserole dish, as well. The lid met its death, though. Ah well.

  3. Both of you made me laugh with your comments! Thanks for sharing your experiences :). I will be sure to contact you about any ironing board acccessory purchases, Natasha!!