Thursday, October 18, 2007

Heartbeat International's Vision

I am working with a group of Christians who desire to create a Pregnancy Centre that is founded upon the gospel. We are considering affiliating with Heartbeat International. Their website is very encouraging, and on this page I just read about their inspiring vision:

Heartbeat's Life-Saving Vision is to help create a world where every new life is welcomed and children are nurtured within strong families, according to God’s Plan, so that abortion is unthinkable.
I wholeheartedly endorse this goal. It is a vision that Dave and I aim to foster in our marriage. Where children are welcome, abortion becomes unthinkable. A culture that loves children is a culture that is living out the Great Commandment. When Christians love and welcome children, they are loving the God who created each tiny child. They are living out before the world the love for the defenceless and powerless that is commanded in the Old and New Testaments.


  1. Hi Sherrin
    I think in an ideal world abortion would not be an issue. I am interested to know your view on termination because the foetus has been found to have severe health problems and if carried to term would then be severely disabled (either mentally or physically)?

  2. Oh how wonderful! I taught Parenting classes at our crisis pregnancy center for 5 years. I also did some peer counseling, parenting counseling (helping parents deal with their special needs children) and taught Infant Care classes. It is very rewarding to further God's kingdom by working in a crisis pregnancy center. Check out (they also belong to Heartbeat International)
    God bless you as you begin to minister to the women and families who walk through your doors!

  3. I just wrote a detailed response to your qustion, LH, and lost it all . . . grrrr!!!! I hope to get back to it sometimes soon!

    Thanks for your encouragment, Faith!

  4. Dear anon: I am a special education teacher and would hope and pray that a mother with the possibility of having a child with physical or mental handicaps would choose life. Early intervention is a marvelous thing and here in the US, all children, regardless of handicapping condition are entitled to a free, appropriate education. They are still one of God's children as we all are! Sometimes it is difficult to see children/people suffering...but...the Lord never promised our way would be easy in this world.