Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wise words from a feminist

I receive an email newsletter from Women's Forum Australia, which contained this quote in the latest edition:

“If there is a god, what did the god put us here to do? One thing: have children. That’s it. And what do we do? We make it into the least interesting, unpaid, on-the-side thing you can do - societies are geared so that, really, you’ll have an easier ride if you just don’t have children. Perverse values.” - Marilyn French, author of The Women’s Room, cited in The Age, May 7, 2007, p9

It is interesting that a feminist who, it appears, makes no claim to a commitment to God observes the fact that our society is essentially anti-child and anti-parent. Not only that, but in being so it goes against who God created us to be. As Christians, we know that Marilyn French is right when she says that one of the things God created us to do is to have children: read Genesis 1:28.

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