Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bloggers With Integrity

Thank you, Karen, for nominating me for the "Bloggers with Integrity" award and writing such kind and encouraging words about me! It is always a blessing when people use their blogs to build others up and to be thankful.

Now I have the pleasure of nominating five more people for this award, to spread this thankfulness and kindness around the Internet.

The defnition of integrity is . . . Wholeness; soundness; uprightness, honesty.

To me it speaks of a person who is willing to speak out what they believe, and bases their beliefs upon a good foundation. A person who lives in a transparent and honest way.

John Dekker's Journal is now closed. However, for many years John wrote about his thoughts and experiences of the Christian life. Thanks for your musings, John! You wrote with honesty and soundness.

Lydia Hayden writes in an uplifting way about her Christian life. I appreciate the joy and kindness that shines through her blog. Thanks for being a light, Lydia!

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood blesses thousands through her life of integrity. Crystal boldly shares what she believes, and humbly shares her failures and successes. Thank you, Crystal, for sharing your life with us!

Mike Jolly is a man of integrity whom I know personally! He is totally committed to Christ and to the gospel. Mike's blog is mainly a journal of his ministry activities, and exhibits his passion to help others to live for Christ.

Well, I'm running out of time . . .

Last but not least is Susan. Thanks, Susan, for posting your thoughts on so many topics over the years! Your honesty and humility have been a blessing!

I hope that some of those I've linked to will pass on the blessing of encouragement to someone else, and we'll all be able to hear about more bloggers of integrity.

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  1. Sherrin: Thank you for your love for the Lord. It blesses me richly to see other young women with a passion for God who are seeking to glorify the Lord in everything.

    And thank you for your kind encouragement. God bless you!