Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Peirce and Christina, man and wife

On the last weekend before the New Year, it was a joy to participate in Peirce and Christina's wedding. The festivities began in earnest for me on Thursday the 27th, when I helped to organise the Kitchen Tea. The event was lovely, and very feminine with hats and gloves to adorn us. It was also a lot of work, and I even forgot things because I was so busy creating various food items. I didn't properly eat breakfast or lunch because preparations took so much time. Not to worry! Happy memories . . .

The next day we had a rehersal at St. David's Cathederal, as Christine the rehersal manager has so ably described! That afternoon it was off to Port Arthur to stay the night before the "official" rehersal and rehersal dinner the next day. Port Arthur is one of Tasmania's most famous historic sights. We stayed nearby in a lovely cabin. Like Christine, we enjoyed meeting some very interesting people and discussing a variety of topics with them.

The rehersal and rehersal dinner on the 29th were further great opportunities to meet people and enjoy the occasion. Since Peirce is American, there were many guests from overseas. It was great to be able to get to know people. Rehersal dinners are not an Australian tradition, but I enjoyed this one so much that I can see why they have become a tradition in the USA! There were many touching speeches, which gave honour to God.

Here are the happy couple at the rehersal dinner . . .

Finally it was the wedding day! As a bridesmaid my day began before 7 as I prepared for my 7.30am hair appointment. From then on, apart from an hour or two's respite mid-morning, there was a frenetic schedule until about 1am on the 31st when we arrived home from our cruise back from the reception location.

Here is Dave giving Mr and Mrs Baehr a baby Bear. Strange? Well, there was a prayer for the blessing of children in the wedding service.

Dave and I in a rare moment together at the reception . . .

All the bridesmaids had different shades of blue for their dresses. I don't have any pictures of us together as yet, but hopefully I'll post one later.

Here is my bouquet, which I loved. It was a special privilege to be involved in this wedding. This wedding was one of the most God-honouring and parent-honouring that I have ever attended. It was wonderful to be involved in all the preparations and associated festivities, as well as the actual day.

The only down-side to being a bridesmaid is that it made me somewhat obsessed with trivialities! While Christina Elizabeth was saying to Theodore Peirce

"for richer or for poorer,
in sickness and in health,
to love and to obey,
until we are parted by death"

I was thinking about the fact that I hadn't taken good enough care of her skirt! Why, there was a small crease in the train that should have been spread out, and wasn't that a speck of dirt . . . ? Thoughts like this consumed much of my attention during the service.

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