Friday, February 8, 2008

Home food preparation is environmentally friendly

I was surprised when I heard on the news that eating processed foods has a greater impact upon the environment than eating home cooked foods. I had thought that it would be more efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly. However, processed foods must be transported and packaged. They create more waste and energy consuption. Dave and I often talk about ways in which we could produce more of our own food. This is generally cheaper as well. Today I googled "yoghurt making" and came up with a couple of interesting links to sites that encourage home food production of many kinds.

Green Living Australia includes a forum, a store for Australians, and instructions about a variety of foods including yoghurt and preserves.

Basic Ingredients HomeBread not only includes information and supplies for bread making, but also sells yoghurt cultures and (of all things!) ginger beer plants. Dave loves ginger beer, so maybe we'll have to try that out!

So remember . . . when you prepare something you could have bought pre-prepared and packaged, you are helping to look after our environment. I find this encouraging as I usually spend at least two or three hours a day preparing meals and cleaning up after them! This is a worthwhile work, not only from the perspective of health and taste but also from an environmental perspective. I hope this encourages you too!

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