Saturday, February 2, 2008

Learning from older women

You have already met my Mum through her post The wisdom only God can give. Here she is teaching me to clean my windows. In the book Family Practice Elizabeth Elliot suggests that the command for older women to teach the younger women is primarily a practical one. Older women can help the younger women through practically showing them how to care for their homes and families. This is the way Mum helped me this week, when she came over to show me how to clean windows. I encourage you to seek out an older woman to teach you a practical task you have not yet mastered - perhaps dusting, or cleaning the shower, or baking bread. Most women would be only too happy to share their skills and experiences with someone who cared to know.


  1. Hi Sherrin,
    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your series on Becoming a Woman of Wisdom this week.
    Be blessed,

  2. Thank you for your positive feedback, Bernadine! I am very glad that the series has been a blessing to you.

  3. Hi Sherrin: I really liked reading all the posts although I don't think I left any comments! I really enjoyed your mom's. (the way you spell it: mum, is British, right?). I was fortunate that my own mom taught me how to run a household when I was in my teens. It sure came in handy as a newlywed and actually as a single 20-something too! I am now in the process of training/teaching my own daughter as she will leave the nest in just 3 more years for college! (she isn't too into learning many household tasks though..but...she tries! :) ) Have a blessed week!

  4. Hello Faith,

    thanks for your encouragement!

    Yes, Mum is the British and Australian spelling (it is spelt like that in South Africa as well). It is also pronounced differently, as the "u" really does sound like u as in umbrella rather than o as in orange!

    That is wonderful that you were taught to do all these things so early, and you are giving your daughter the same advantage! I hope to do the same if I am blessed with children. I had a major attitude problem as a teen and this meant I did not gain much from the opportunities to learn that were presented to me.

  5. Sherrin is wonderfully committed to being an "excellent wife", even in regard to things like washing windows! I often have to pinch myself in trying to understand why I was blessed with such a woman! South Africans say "mom", by the way... I have decided that I prefer "mum".

  6. The things I learn through blogging :). I'm constantly finding out how little I know about South Africa!

  7. Sherrin,

    Related to learning from people, here is something I thought might interest you:

    Perhaps you should try to be one of the women included, or know somebody you think would make a great addition to the group?!