Saturday, October 25, 2008

There really is a baby in there

Yesterday I went to the doctor at the public hospital and she did a very quick scan to measure the baby. Sure enough, there really is a small Drew present with us :). He/she waves and kicks. I'm not that excited about fetal development, having learnt so much about it through pro-life involvement. It is not new and exciting to me anymore! However, it is exciting to see my own baby on the screen. 28 weeks to go, God willing.

I haven't written much about my pregnancy. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1) I've been trying not to whine about being sick/tired.

2) I'm also trying not to turn this into another Mummy blog, much as I love some of them. This may be a short lived and futile aim, but you'll note that the title of my blog is still "A Deeper Love" and not "Pregnant Mum Muses" or something like that. I want motherhood to be a minor theme of this blog, not a totally dominating one!

For those who are curious though:

  • I have finally started looking at maternity clothes for no good reason. I am just as thin as ever. I even got Dave to come and look at some with me :)
  • I've developed a horror of my home being filled with cutsie and pointless toys. Is it possible to prevent this??
  • Today I went through boxes full of my sister's baby clothes and more, and brought three boxes home with me. It is fantastic to have so much given to me, and means we will have to buy much less than many new parents.\
  • I keep wondering what colour scheme the "spare room", which we hope will soon be shared with baby, should have. Does pale gold and deep red sound good to anyone else?


  1. Regarding toys: make it clear to your family and friends what you want/don't want. For instance, toys that spark imagination and/or are educational. Perhaps you'll have to make a list, whether it be specific as to name of item, or more general. Most little ones gravitate to Mom's pots and pans or "Tupperware" anyway, so who needs expensive toys?!

    I LOVE the idea of gold and red. Very sophisticated and elegant, but the right shades would look great for a girl or boy. Studies show that bright colors are best for babies. Go for it!

  2. I recommend investing in one of two good pregnancy pants and then IF you get new tops ONLY shop in the normal women's section. The styles this season are MADE for pregnant women (or women trying to hide their muffin-tops) AND muuuuuuch cheaper!

  3. Pregnancy is such an exciting time! Praise God for His Gift of Life!!
    You won't avoid the cutesy toys because most relatives LOVE giving them. I put my foot down on certain items though and just politely stated that no barbie dolls were to come into our home and certain other toys we deemed inappropriate for young girls. I liked buying educational things like the wood toys, puzzles, lots of board books, things depending on their developmental level at the time.
    As for your color scheme: won't matter what you choose because by the time they are 7-9 years old the child will have a definite opinion of what it should be! LOL
    Both of my daughters' bedrooms have been changed 3 times. This last time was it!

  4. That is a good idea, Ginny. It is much better than giving away things that have been given to you.

    I was trying to think of a scheme that would work for boys/girls, as I hope to put any children we have in the same room for at least a few years.

    Hello Christine :) Nice to chat to you about this on Saturday as well.

    Hello Faith, my Mum had the same standard re: barbies. I never had one and it didn't hurt me :)

    Yes, I'd thought of the children's own preferences - but I figure it will be at least four or five years before they think much at all about what colour their room is :)!

  5. Gold and Red sounds very elegant! Fit for a "prince or princess!" :-)

    I would concur with Ginny about a list. You might still receive toys from acquaintances or friends that don't know your wishes. Just receive them graciously and maybe put them away to give to someone else who is having a baby. It is always nice to have some extra things on hand for giving as a present. :-)

    I also agree with Christine about the clothing. It is what I have found to be true as well. I'm so excited to see your little one! You will be in awe as you discover how much they look like a combination of you and Dave. :-)