Monday, June 8, 2009

Becoming Mummy

Before Elnathan was born, I thought of myself as a Mum to an unborn child. Sure, we had not met our child yet but I was still his or her Mum. 

So it was a surprise when I did not feel like a Mum after he was born - the whole thing seemed unreal. It took me a couple of weeks to begin to feel like Mummy.

While we may be blessed with many  more children in future, it will be Elnathan who turned us into parents! If any additional children come along, we will already be "Mummy" and "Daddy". 

As I joked in the couple of days after his birth, he is "Experimental Version 1"! He has parents who forget to check his nappy when he won't stop crying, and generally feel quite unsure of themselves!


  1. Beautiful both look so content!

  2. Sherrin,
    I have experienced the same "realization" of being "Mum" a few different times. Like you it seemed unreal at first...wait until Elnathan calls you some point it will hit your heart and you will marvel at the thought. :D
    Beautiful pictures of Mum and Elnathan. :)