Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The love of the stranger

Conservative politics can have many failings. One of these is a tendency to turn racism and fear in the community to its own advantage. This is evident in the resurgence of conservative political parties in Europe. It has also been a feature of Australia's policy toward asylum seekers for many years now. Australia makes every effort to deter asylum seekers (this photo shows police boarding an illegal vessel and arresting its occupants).

As I was completing my read the Bible in 90 days plan, one of the themes I looked for was that of how we are to treat strangers. It was clear that God places a high priority on loving strangers, just as he does upon loving widows and orphans. Strangers often appear to be people who are "foreigners" and in need. Locking such "illegal immigrants" up in detention centers, as Australia does, does not appear to be consistent with the priority God places upon loving strangers. What do you think?


  1. god certainly directed to me your blog site this afternoon, as sit out in the beautful sunshine, taking a needed break from working in the yard. i am beginning law school in the fall (our fall here in the us, which is september) and am hoping to go into immigration law. i was a social worker, specifically working in domestic violence for 30 years, and immigration law seems like a perfect fit for me and more importantly it is where i see god guiding me on the path towards.

    all that to say that our laws here on the topic are probably much worse than your are. and politicians seem more inclined to go for voter appeal that what is right to do for people.

    you have inspired me to do the 90 day study of the bible. i have had it for sometime, but i have never felt drawn to actually begin it, preferring to read random picked books and journaling on what it means to me and what god is really saying in the verses. thank you.

  2. Hello Mrs Mari,

    Your study sounds very interesting! I'd like to hear more about it as you progress.

    I hope your Bible study goes excellently - the 90 day plan is a challenge, but it is worth every minute! It sounds like your usual method of Bible study is also good - the main thing is to be absorbing God's word.