Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The best cloth nappies

Before Elnathan was born, we decided to use cloth nappies. Dave especially wanted us to do this, due to the environmental impact of disposables. It was sobering to realise that the total amount of garbage we put out each week would probably double if we used disposables! While some people will argue that cloth nappies are just as bad for the environment, we are convinced that this is not the case. 

I set out to discover the best and easiest way to use cloth nappies. I set up a registry of nappies for my baby shower, and received a few different ones which I could try out to decide on the best ones for us. I also purchased a few things. 

One day I conducted a little experiment to see which nappies dried the fastest! This is our drying system, hanging the nappies in front of our heater (we love to put them on the washing line in the sun, as this bleaches and sanitizes them, but it is winter right now and so this is not always an option). The BumGenius pocket nappy and the plain cotton nappies won the competition. Of course, drying time is not the only marker of a good nappy. Containment is also very important, and I had to wait until Elnathan was born to find out about that!

It was not long after the birth of Elnathan that we decided the BumGenius pocket nappies were definitely the best in other categories as well - ease of use, containment, and fit. They really do fit a newborn (unlike some of our other "one size fits all" nappies). We've found that some nappies look good, but fail to contain the messes - thereby defeating the purpose of a nappy! There are other good nappy brands out there (I can also recommend Baby Beehinds), but BumGenius wins our vote for the best nappy. The cutest little man models a BumGenius in this picture


  1. YAY!! another mom (and a young one!) who is using cloth diapers.
    I hired a cloth diaper service for both of my daughters. My oldest was in them for 12m months and then I switched to disposables for another 12 mo. she was toilet taught early.
    My youngest was in cloth diapers and then the service closed. And our area had NO other cloth diaper service. I don't know if what you are describing was available as I never saw them 10 years ago. I DO know that there was NOTHING like putting fresh, organic cotton on my babies bums. And they NEVER had diaper rash either and the cost was minimal compared to buying disposables and destroying God's creation! Kudos to you!!!

  2. hi, i don't recall how i originaslly happened upon your blog, but i have enjoyed it so much. congratulations on the birth of your precious new baby boy. i love the name you have given him.

    my children are older now, but we used cloth with them from the day they were born until they were potty trained. oh how i loved hanging them out to dry and the way they smelled after being on the line in the sunshine. such great memories.