Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Kitchen Tea

The week before my wedding some of my lovely friends, including two bridesmaids, engineered a fabulous kitchen tea.

The table was spectacular with lots of delightful party food, and plenty of pink.

Guests were asked to come dressed in pink, as a surprise for me. Yvonne and Kerri outdid themselves, as they usually are not pink, frilly girls! I was thrilled that they went to such a lot of effort.

The party organisers made me put together a cake in 5 mins! The expression on my face here is one of concentration, not disgust . . . honestly! Somehow I got the "cake" in the oven, and it even turned out something like a cake . . . just a pity I forgot the butter! You will notice that some guests are not wearing pink: the message did not get to everyone!

The guests also created a magnificent wedding dress for me. The best newspaper creation ever!

Apparently there is a new trend toward destroying the wedding dress after the day, as it will never be worn again. Personally, I prefer the idea of keeping it for a children's dress up box. However, I was instructed to find a way to destroy the newspaper creation. Rolling on the ground seemed like a good option . . . and it pleased the assembled crowd.

A big thanks to Christina and Margaret for their initiative and fantastic ideas, and to Felicity for assisting them with this in a very servantlike manner.

Felicity, Sherrin Ward, and Christina


  1. Looks like a fun bridal shower! I'm looking forward to pictures of your wedding. =)

  2. Hi Sherrin! New Blog! Awesome!

    Are we still on for dinner tomorrow night? Can you please email me your new address at snisham(at)gamil(dot)com

    Thanks! Look forward to seeing you.