Thursday, March 20, 2008

Modelling humility

When many of us think about parenthood, we are tempted to despair at our weaknesses and sins. How will these affect a child? Others may be on the opposite end of the spectrum, and assume they'll be wonderful parents!

I really enjoyed stumbling across the blog post A legacy worth having recently, as Perry posted about the benefits of living under sinful but humble parents.

None of us will suddenly become perfectly saintly when we conceive or adopt a child! There is no hope of that. So we have to learn to repent before our children. In doing so we can model this essential part of living the Christian life.

As Perry said . . .

My parents were very self-conscious about asking each other for forgiveness in front of the kids AND asking the kids to forgive them, when relationships went a bit awry (as they are apt to do when you have a WHOLE family descended from Adam and Eve
Humility and asking forgiveness are vital to expressing love, and living out the gospel.

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  1. AMEN!
    There is nothing more humbling (that I personally have experienced) than having to ask my children to forgive me! And it does show them in "real life" that we as parents are not perfect and need Christ!