Thursday, March 20, 2008

The priority of love

Last week I appreciated reading the post Blessings or burdens at Your Sacred Calling. This post focused upon the tendancy some of us have to assume sin in others. We repent of certain attitudes and actions in our own lives, and then jump to conclusions about what others should be doing. As Stacy says . . .

. . . it’s no wonder that as we come out of the fog of our illusory me-managed life, that we become passionate about certain things. Life becomes precious. Children become a blessing. Marriage becomes a feast. Family becomes important. But in our zeal do we go beyond examining our own sin—assuming sin in others and ascribing motives to those of whom we know virtually nothing?

I also strongly identified with Stacy's words about people taking on the convictions of others without proper consideration . . .

Many times, rather than study for themselves and stand firm in what they believe, I've seen folks blindly embrace someone else’s convictions. Then, since the convictions weren't their own to begin with, they waver and eventually they give up in despair; because really, they weren't truly obeying God, they were just going through the motions. The result is that they blame the one they've been blindly "following."

As Christians we must learn to seek out what God has said for ourselves and then to apply it to ourselves first and foremost, always assuming the best of others and treating them with love. I also wrote about convictions last year. I took issue with the idea that those who adopt the most common or popular viewpoints in the church are more loving and humble. In reality, every Christian must learn to bear with others in love. It takes God's grace at work in our lives to enable us to always prioritise love in every relationship. Yet this is our calling.

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  1. This is so good Sherrin.
    It was so true for me as a young married just 30 year old. I was following other women's convictions (mainly about whether to work outside the home or not) rather than learning what God actually wanted me to do. It took me several years to get peace with this issue and realize that God had something different for me and that it was ok to be different in this area. We are now in a church that embraces the 3 circles of: 1. core Biblical beliefs 2. Conviction areas and 3. preferences. This has really enabled us to truly love our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord and not judge them nor feel judged if we are "different". Hard to explain here but.....
    OH...Happy Easter!!