Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day 2 of "get that stuff out the door"

Here are the results of another day of working to eliminate clutter from our lives, that we may make room for people, for beauty, and for order. Even though I found so many more than 5 items yesterday, there was no time to slack off today! You see, the challenge is to: recycle, throw out, give away or give back 5 things per day - regardless of what happened the day before.

This picture includes . . .

1 pile of papers for recycling
1 pile of papers to throw away
1 mat I ruined by putting it in the washing machine yesterday (yes, the homemaking mishaps have not stopped)
1 box of things to give back to my Mum
2 books
1 bag of things to give back to a guest who is coming tonight

Much of the paper pile was sourced from this paper-catchment area on top of the microwave . . .

Which is now looking a little more presentable . . .

Dave says it looks the same as before. He is a man (and I love him).

Tomorrow's tasks include emptying these paper pile drawers . . .

If you have joined with me in this little challenge, and posted about it on your blog, why not put a link to your post in the comments section?

The basic principle is . . . if you don't like it or find it useful, send it out the door!


  1. Love your wicker basket! I use them all over my home! My reduce, reuse, recycle day looked like this: cleaned and folded 1 LLBean fleece robe that oldest outgrew and stored away for youngest in 2 years; put aside 8 preschool-level picture books for my neice that my youngest has outgrown; threw away a broken lamp as it was "dangerous" and probably couldn't be fixed, but kept the lampshade to use in my youngest daughters room; went through old hiking magazines, clipped out articles I wanted to save and tossed the rest in the recycling bin; put in recycling bin 3 plastic jars and 4 cereal boxes! I am liking this spring cleaning!

  2. Thanks for sharing your "get stuff out the door" projects, Faith! I am glad that you are enjoying the process :)