Thursday, March 27, 2008

Remembering God's salvation

In the book Living the Cross Centered Life C. J Mahaney explains that every person, no matter what their past is, would do well to think on their former sins. Although we may want to forget our past, C.J. argues that "one of the best ways we can draw near the blazing fire of the cross is to remember our past, and allow it to remind us of how marvelous God's salvation really is".

For a long time, I have felt such shame and dislike of much of my past that I have not wanted to discuss it at all. C.J.'s book has challenged me to reconsider this. I am deeply grateful for what I have been saved from. I hate to think of what my life would have been without Christ. So I need to meditate upon the specifics of what he has done.

C.J. exhorts readers in this way . . .

"I also encourage you to write out your testimony in a page or two. And don't just write "I asked Jesus into my heart," but really spell out the heart of the gospel and how the blood of Christ, shed for the sins of the world, came to apply to you personally. Be specific about the fact that God is holy and you were an object of His wrath. Identify the sin in which youwere lost. Explain how God saved you and changed your life for His glory."

Even if you have never rebelled as I did, you have something to share because "Every conversion is still a miracle of God's grace." Like Paul, we can all say "I was once . . . " but because of the cross "I am now . . . ".

During the fourth week of April, I am going to have a "testimony week". I will be asking some people for their testimonies, and will also share my own. Perhaps you would also like to join in with this special week. If you would like to share your testimony on this blog, I am happy to post it. Just email me (the address is on the sidebar). Alternatively, you could post your testimony on your own blog and I will link to it. As we do this we will, as C.J. says, . . .

  • Be edified and encouraged
  • Be prepared to share our personal testimonies and the truth of the gospel with others
In the month of April, please join me in thinking about your past and the specific ways God intervened for your sake and for the sake of His glory. Then prepare to share that with others!

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  1. Great idea Sherrin!
    You can count me in!
    (can't share the "deep" stuff though as this IS the internet...but...much of my testimony as an adult stems from childhood s. abuse) It's a great idea to write down a testimony though. I want to encourage my daughters to do this too, even just for their own journals.