Tuesday, July 1, 2008

An 18th Century Girl

People have told me that I'm a bit of an 18th century girl. One friend told me that the evidence for this includes the following:

I cook
I love children, and would like a lot of them
I think abortion is really, really bad
I make things

The fact that I started a hand patchwork course on Saturday should bolster my status as a person who belongs in another century. I was very excited about beginning the course, and collected a variety of blue and yellow fabrics.

So far, I have partially pieced two blocks. I've done all I can on them before the next lesson, and my fingers are itching to do more! I've enjoyed playing with what I've done so we can see what the blocks will look like when they're all sewn together.

I'm anticipating the next seven weeks of lessons, and the many patterns I will learn. Hand work is great for sitting and listening to Dave read, sitting and chatting, or picking up to do a little at a time.


  1. I definitely agree with everything you just said and the quilt squares are lovely!

  2. I'm glad to come across another person who enjoys patchwork :)