Monday, July 7, 2008

Back next week

In order to better fulfil my responsibilities this week in regard to hospitality, purchasing a home, and submitting assignments, I will be having a break from my regular blogging schedule. Instead of blogging about loving God, I'll just be trying to do it! This quote has been a particular encouragement and challenge recently:

Life is likely to continue to hold many forms of torture and dismay . . . for all who refuse to receive with thanks giving instead of complaint the place in life God has chosen for them. The torture is self-inflicted, for God has not rejected their prayers. He knows better than any of us do what furthers our salvation. Our true happiness is to be realised precisely through his refusals, which are always mercies. His choice is flawlessly contrived to give the deepest kind of joy as soon as it is embraced. Elizabeth Elliot.

For encouragement this week in your quest to love God why not drop by the websites of a couple of women who are much wiser than I am.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss at Revive our Hearts.

Carolyn Mahaney at Girltalk.

Or alternatively, read Matthew’s gospel and grow in your love for Jesus! You’re sure to be blessed!

I’ll be back next week with more musings about the journey of seeking to loving others deeply.

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