Monday, July 21, 2008

Somalia's need for prayer

It is often easy to lump the whole African continent together as a troubled place, and fail to learn about the specific needs of particular countries. Africa contains diverse people groups, languages, governments, and churches. Some countries are largely Christian, others almost entirely Muslim. In many areas the church is in need of discipleship and strengthening, and can even send out missionaries. In other areas the church is struggling to survive. Somalia is one of those places.

Somalia has been war-torn for many years, and is officially labelled as a "failed state". Christians in Somalia suffer greatly as they seek to live for Jesus. Missionaries are in danger. Warlords reign. This week I'm organising a prayer night for Somalia, which will include a dinner of African food.

We long for the Great Commission to be fulfilled in Somalia, so that this nation obeys what Christ has commanded. If you would also like to pray, and contribute to the Great Commission in this way, go to the Year of Prayer for Somalia Open Doors site. You can download excellent prayer resources.


  1. Hi Sherrin

    Your dinner of African food sounds interesting. What are you thinking of making? Are all ingredients easily available where you live?

    Cape Town

  2. Hello LH,

    I've done lots of internet trawling to try and find specifically Somali food, but found no clear recipes for meals. I found some names of different foods, but no recipes.

    So I've decided to go with the dish at this link, which is apparently common in West Africa. I deliberately wrote "African food" on the invites as I knew it might be hard to find Somali food. I'm hoping this meal will be fun, as guests can bring toppings. I'm about to send out an email requesting contributions!

    I'll have to let you know what it tastes like :)