Monday, July 28, 2008

What next . . .

Dave and I are in a busy and stressful time of our lives. To give you an idea . . .

  • Dave has been working on a PhD thesis about trees for over three years, and has just flown to Melbourne to submit it! He'll be back on Friday.
  • Dave preached on Luke 12 at our church last night.
  • We're finalising the purchase of our home this week. We're buying the house we've been renting for a year.
  • Dave is in the process of gaining a temporary working visa to replace his student visa, which expires two weeks after PhD submission.
  • We booked our flights to South Africa on Friday last week, and we are planning to leave on Monday next week! If all goes to plan and Dave and I will be there for three weeks, providing Dave's visa is granted so he can re-enter Australia.
Everday things continue also . . . my assignments, housework, meetings (Choices of Life at my place 1:30 Wed!), people and more people!

We'll need a holiday after all this, won't we?


  1. Hope all that goes well for you both, then!

    God bless!

  2. I'm surprised he's getting a work visa - wouldn't he get a spouse visa or similar?

    Anyway, good luck with it all!

  3. Spouse visas cost way more, would only be temp at this stage . . . and the CSIRO (where Dave has work from Sept 1) is paying for the temp work visa!